Reflection for Badge #1

It will be a loss not to use the variety of tools available to us in this present age in our learning. Blogs and wikis are just two examples of how technologies can be beneficial to students around the world. The use of those spaces helps promote a collaborative environment, and transforms the once, hard cooperation among people in different location, to a much easier – boundary-less experience. However, the easy to use wikis are not beneficial only because of the “collaborative authoring” (Fulton, C. & McGuinness, C., 2016) that they allow. Wikipedia for example, along with many bogs out there, is a space for knowledge sharing. A space largely available to anyone with an internet connection that can be accessed from all locations in the world and serve the purpose of education. The opportunity given by those two tools, to link all kinds of other sites within them, makes it more valuable to any student, researching a topic of choice. Unlike physical books, with wikis and blogs, just a click can lead you to the next page of information about a different topic. On top of that blogs and wikis can provide an overview of a subject matter that might be hard to comprehend otherwise.


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