Reflection for Badge #4

If we talk about digital reach in the sense of how popular your posts can be, in my opinion it is possible to control it, maybe in a more indirect way, but it is. By being more active and reacting to the interests of the people that have chosen to follow you on the selected social media platform. That makes sense, because if the demographic of your followers is for example young, in college and more carefree, you would see a lot more reaction to posts that relate to their values or interests.

On the other hand, if you were to private posts or limit the people that can see them your digital reach will directly be affected. Those posts will no longer be open for all to see… or at least will not be as easily seen. Taking into consideration some of the social media policies, most of this information can be seen and used by third party companies, and in this instance, even making your posts private may not do much when it comes to your online reach. And that is why as Kietzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy and Silverste (2011) outlined: “striking a careful balance between sharing identities and protecting privacy is crucial in selecting social media tools”.


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