Reflection For Badge #3

Presenting information visually has always proven to be more effective. When I think of “presentation”, it all sounds incomplete without the prefix – “Power Point”. Microsoft Office’s tools have always been a big part of my education; teachers would use them to make the long talks about history a little bit more exciting. By bringing a visual element, which would help us imagine what all the boring details and dates looked like, teachers would help us do better on tests. But in today’s fast advancing digital world there is millions of tools available, which help convey information in an even more effective way.  The fact that these tools are online makes them even easier to use and re-use. Maps, graphs and charts are no longer the extend of our abilities. Social media tools such as You Tube, Prezi or any reciprocal mapping or presentation site make limits non-existent. Visualising information has become more interactive, allowing such tools to be perfect for educational purposes. As Clive Thompson (2011) points out when talking about Khan Academy, the visual representation of dull information in the form of interactive videos is “ruthlessly practical”. Furthermore, the practicality is not the only huge benefit. The templates that some of the infographic tools make available online, allow immense creativity to flourish. That way representation of data is not only simplified but also made fun. We no longer need to be amazing at drawing and or statistics, these tools help us do it all.


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  2. Lankow, J., Ritchie, J., & Crooks, R. (2012). Infographics: The power of visual storytelling. John Wiley & Sons.

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